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With over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, we specialize in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of printed circuit board series. Our hands-on experience in electronics, PCB assembly, fabrication and assembly provides the necessary catalyst to successfully produce the latest in cutting-edge design using 3D techniques. These skills, methods and lessons learned over time, are a guarantee of a quality, easily industrializable and cost effective design.
At 3DPCB we take into consideration today’s needs and perform everything from schematic capture, PCB design and fabrication, prototyping, pre-series and full production runs. We are in constant training and fully prepared to develop and manufacture with the latest advances in technology.

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PCB Design

Schematic, BOM, printed circuit design, manufacturing and assembly documentation.

Initial concept

Complete solution for printed circuit board manufacturing and prototype board assembly.

Series and pre-series

Series mono o multicapa, SMD o THD, montaje componentes por una o por ambas caras.

Case inclusion

Design, development and 3D visualization of the enclosure for your professional PCB design.

Printed circuit board design in Zaragoza

Complexity, cost and turnaround time applies enormous pressures on all aspects of product development.
When designing a PCB there are numerous variables to consider and not strictly following the proper guidelines will very often lead to undesirable results.
In short, PCB design will make or break the manufacturing schedule, ultimately affecting the performance or design intent.

Using state-of-the-art CAD technology, 3DPCB designs custom printed circuit boards based on customer specifications, whether it is an existing design or a working prototype. We develop circuits that incorporate the latest technologies, regardless of component density or number of circuit layers.

Complete turn-key service

At 3DPCB we work with the best national manufacturer of printed circuit boards, providing our customers with a complete service of printed circuit board design and series manufacturing from Zaragoza. We generate the necessary information and include a report to ensure that your design will be manufactured consistently and first time.

  • Gerber Files
  • Bill of materials
  • Fabrication and assembly drawings
  • Pick & Place files
  • Opening Tables
  • Drilling files
  • Netlist
  • PCB design file
  • Board 3D file

Prototype manufacturing

Regardless of the size or urgency of your project, we can coordinate the fabrication and assembly of your 1-sided, 2-sided or multilayer printed circuit board in most of the materials commonly used in the industry.

In urgent PCB prototype fabrication, we offer a 24, 48 or 72 hour turnaround service.

Our manufacturers are prepared to give a quality response in the shortest possible time. They have the latest precision manufacturing technology and production processes that allow them to complete your order in the shortest possible time.

Prototype assembly

In addition to PCB design, we carry out the assembly of initial prototypes in THTD or SMD, regardless of their size or complexity, in order to evaluate, correct and improve your product. 

Using both manual and automatic assembly processes and with the capability to assemble components on both sides, we offer our customers a complete service. This way, you don’t have to think about the details of production and you can concentrate on the design of your product.

Series manufacturing and assembly

We offer solutions that improve the final product by reducing costs and improve product performance. In addition to the design of printed circuits, within our services we can offer you the purchase and logistic management of materials, with a wide knowledge of the products, the market situation and the supply network.

In line with our quality control premises, we have testing systems in place to guarantee zero defects. All our boards are electrically and visually tested in the factory, ensuring excellent reliability to your product.

Component logistics

With more than 30 years of experience in purchase management, we can effectively source the necessary components for your printed circuit board design projects. Through collaboration, direct and constant negotiation with suppliers, we achieve the best deadlines and prices to make your product a reality in the most efficient and competitive way.

In the same way, our assembly partners have authorized distribution networks of quality and confidence, as well as permanent stock of references according to MRP, being able to store them under the necessary control of temperature and humidity.

Electronics enclosures

When starting a project we always consider the mechanical requirements of the circuit. Thus, during PCB design, we implement an accurate 3D model together with the components and transfer it to the CAD program. 

This is essential for us to help in the design of the case or enclosure of the final product. At 3DPCB we can adapt existing designs, design new enclosures and manufacture mechanical prototypes depending on the application and can also take care of final assembly and testing, especially in small series production.

Customized tailoring and development

From an initial prototype to mass production, we tailor designs from the best enclosure manufacturers based on customer preferences, production capacity and current market trends.

When using a commercial enclosure is not a viable option, we specifically design an enclosure according to the project requirements, optimized for mass production and keeping costs in mind. Overall, we want our customer to have a unique and good looking device.

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Servicios especializados de diseño de circuitos impresos

El servicio de fabricación de pcbs, prototipado y montaje de series está supeditado al diseño de pcb por parte de nuestra empresa. No proporcionamos servicios de montaje ni fabricación de pcb’s ya diseñados por terceros.

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